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Airport Taxi Wroclaw (ATW) knows that the personal privacy of customers, prospective customers and visitors to its website is very important. The personal data of customers, prospective customers and website visitors is thus handled and protected with the greatest possible care and in accordance with the requirements stated in the Act of 10 May 2018 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws 2018 item 1000).

What personal data does ATW process?

Within the framework of providing you with its services, selling you products and services, or allowing you to contact ATW for any other reasons, ATW records data such as your name, email address, telephone number, company registered name and tax number. ATW uses your personal data to send you confirmation of your booking and exchanges your personal data with the car service providers it represents, to ensure that Airport Taxi Wroclaw is as efficient as possible. ATW uses your data to ask you to review its services, and to inform customers, prospective customers and visitors to the ATW website about its activities, products and services. ATW also conducts surveys in which customers are requested to participate.

What if you do not wish to receive any information?

If you would rather not receive any information about the ATW’s activities, products and services, you can indicate this by sending an email to this effect to the following e-mail address Please also read the following section about unsubscribing from email services.

Phishing e-mails

‘Phishing’ is a form of internet fraud, in which confidential data is elicited from users illegally. In an unsolicited, email, which appears to be sent by ATW regarding their reservation, users are asked to enter or check their banking, credit card and login details. These details, however, will end up on a counterfeit version or false copy of our website. Moreover, clicking on the links in such emails can result in damage to the user’s computer. Phishing emails can be recognized by:

Lack of personal salutation;

An urgent request to respond immediately;

Poor language and spelling;

A link to an unknown internet address.

Airport Taxi Wroclaw employees will never ask you for your personal data by email. Nor will they ever send messages from email servers like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. E-mails sent by ATW, regarding your booking, will always contain your booking number. Should you receive a phishing email, please do not to reply to it, do not click on any links in the message and do not provide any personal data. Please inform us if you receive such a phishing email.


In offering its services, Airport Taxi Wroclaw makes use of cookies/applets. These are compact pieces of information stored on the hard drive of your computer. ATW uses both temporary cookies and special cookies/applets. Temporary cookies are intended only to make it easier for you to use the ATW website. Once special cookies/applets have been stored on your computer, our website can identify you each time you return to the ATW website. This information makes the website more convenient to use. You can still enjoy most of the functionality available on the ATW website if you have disabled the use of cookies/applets in your browser.

What security measures does Airport Taxi Wroclaw take?

ATW does everything it possibly can to safeguard your personal data from wrongful use. Only authorised personnel have access to your data.

Links to other sites

Certain pages on the Airport Taxi Wroclaw website contain links to the websites of other companies. As ATW cannot be responsible for how these companies handle personal data, you are advised to read the policies (or statements) of these other websites carefully with regard to how they process and protect personal data, since the conditions offered by these websites may not be the same as those offered by ATW.


For questions, remarks or complaints about the protection of your personal data by ATW, please send an email to . We will contact you as soon as possible after receipt of your email.


Airport Taxi Wroclaw reserves the right to revise its privacy policy from time to time. For this reason, please check regularly for the most recent version of the ATW’s privacy policy.

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